David Academy


Build your knowledge the digital way, from your home or office. Watch webinars for inspiration on getting started with new DAVID solutions, join an online class to master digital workflows or request a personalized session with a DAVID training expert to address the specific needs of your clinic.

Live webinars

Learn more about specific workflows or biomechanics get an inside track on software updates or master a specific software feature. Join our team of experts for step-by-step guidance on a range of topics, and get your questions answered by people in-the-know with a designated Q&A session.

Overview Webinars 

Live Classrooms

Join a small group of therapists for a practical deep dive into digital workflows that can help grow your business. Learn all the techniques necessary to achieve the predefined learning objectives of each workflow by sharing your screen with your DAVID trainer and other participating colleagues to ensure you master every step and reach your learning goals.

Prior to classes commencing, it is essential that participants have the relevant DAVID software installed on their computers. To maximize learning outcomes, it is mandatory that all participants share their screens during classes

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1:1 sessions

Every clinic has different needs. Whether you are new to EVE and want basic training on EVE or are a more advanced user wanting help to master a specific workflow, a personalized session with a DAVID training expert will allow you to expand your expertise in exactly the way you want. Simply define what DAVID product you are using and what you want to achieve, and we’ll make sure your learning objectives are fulfilled with a session tailored to you.

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