News / 27.11.2020

Meet DAVID’s Head of Education

Diverse background in physiotherapy and sports medicine I graduated as a physiotherapist in 2010,...
News / 19.10.2020

Introducing DAVID’s new distributor for Austria & Switzerland

Peter Domitner, Founder & CEO, has a background in sports and started his business...
News / 16.10.2020

The Lancet Series call to action to reduce low value care for low back pain: an update

Many patients with low back pain are still receiving the wrong care A 2018...
News / 17.08.2020

Introducing DAVID in German and Spanish

The official DAVID website is now available in German, Spanish, and English.
News / 17.06.2020

Expanding clinic horizons in Austria

A massive installation project took place in Vienna in May. In a two-week period...
News / 14.05.2020

How a physiotherapy clinic operates during the pandemic

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to check out our website for more...
News / 03.03.2020

Do your part in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus

For our hundreds of partners, medical centers, and clinics that utilize our technology around...